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Nantucket Conservation and Preservation Groups

It's No Accident.

It's no accident that Nantucket is known for its environmental quality, its architecture and sense of place. It is the result of a blending of its natural attributes with man-made protections. Nantucket has many not-for-profit groups charged with preservation of our structures, our land, our water, our waterfront, our public access, the built environment, the natural environment, even with our way of life. Even so, there are no guarantees, so it behooves all of us interested in maintaning particular aspects of our environment to participate with these groups with our time and money. Pressure on Nantucket's resources has never been greater. The actions and decisions that we collectively make today will shape the Nantucket of our future. We will all be able to look back at the job we did today and judge how well it was done, evidenced by the environment iin which we find ourselves in the future.